No Right Side


Acquired a new logbook among belongings after previous journal destroyed in shipwreck. Probbably for the best. Was almost full after adventures with Inigio.

Was released from prison today, along with friend-druid and a few others. Seam to be the and quite type though. Release came at a price however. New order of solders, Blackness and Whiteness? Unholy Sunlight? Holy Darkness? Something or other. Made of us few. Intended to undertake sensitive missions to keep state’s hands clean. Chuckled a bit at that. Government reminds me of the Aldmeri somewhat. Kill traders to the state, and get my freedom after a few missions? Good deal to me. Better then rotting in prison.

However, second catch. Got a mark burned into my hand (Drawing of the mark) Looks like same symbol of nation, and symbol on cape. Smelt like some sort of Geas. Was told was for “Control”. Basically magical handcuffs. Hope it doesn’t read minds. Met new commander, Told us to liberate fort/dungeon/scarydarkplace from something or other for new Order base.

Took two steps and was almost turned to Stone. Scout turned into a statue. Bull-like things attacked before we could react. Took em down with help from druid. Next room had a chest. Ninja attempted to collapse the cealing for some reason. Nobody searched for traps, and one got trigged. Stupid Mistake. Almost lost my legs. Druid’s Pet almost lost his life. Mage’s saved the day. Ish. Got out before oozes burnt through my pants. Looted chest, and now have a breather moment. Writing in journal.



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