No Right Side


After oozes, got a chance to write in journal. While I was writing last entry, Ninja scounted ahead, and woak uo some sort of Draconic-spider-thingy. Not Fun. Ninja got disembowelled and pumped full of poison. Friend Druid charged ahead with his mount, and joined the grapple. Both monsters wrestled each other. Epic battle to watch. Ninja escaped with his life, and druid tended to his wounds. DragonSpider fell.

Next room was an armory. We awoke some constructs, burning with a red flame. They swarmed us, and ate my axe. I took a few hits…and the Beast came out. Not intended, but it did allow me to wipe out most of the constructs with my claws. Thankfully, party did not kill me once I explained everything. Mage seams offput however. Perhaps I can prove that I’m not like my father to him.

Final room was our prize. A massive holy artifact. Guarded by more constructs. Thanlkfully, between my wolfish fir, and the mage’s spell, they fell like sheep before my claws. We got the artifact. And that’s all that matters.



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