Aquor Von Canto

Orcish Wizard


At first glance, Aquor looked to be a fairly standard Half-orc, sans for his dress. His hair was black, his eyes green, and, apart from his height, at a little over 6 feet, he looked to be a fairly unremarkable wizard. He looked like he neither wanted to stand out in a crowd of mages, while at the same time, his default robes clearly identified him as a Wizard….The cloth around his body fell down to form some sort of cloth garmet, his standard robes looked to be somethng something akin to red and black robes, inlaid with a silver pattern, and a hood. (Tirisfal Regalia, in essence). On his back was what resembled a unremarkable backpack stuffed with scrolls, ink, reagents, books and other wizardry supplies. Finally, hanging from his neck seamed to be a fairly well made Holy symbol of Wee Jas, crafted of silver.


Aquor Von Canto

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